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, witnesses on one northern california beach struggle to save a surfer suffering from a gruesome shark bite. and the pain at the pump is easing. >> later in this broadcast, ready for the big parade tomorrow. also the nba season is underway with lebron james doing his business. it's all later in this broadcast. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> a man recovering after a shark attack in humboldt bay. he had a 17-inch shark bite and several other tears to his body. people on the beach jumped into the water and pull him to safety. >> four or five serious gashes from his nipple down to his hip, and he was bleeding out pretty good. so we hopped on him right away, me and one other guy that happened to be an emt. >> another surfer drove the woman to the hospital. he is expected -- the man to the hospital. he is expected to survive. >>> information about an arrest made in connection with vandalism of a muni bus at 3rd and market. this happened on monday just after mi
at >> president obama has another round of fund-raisers in california. details.adley has >> and the stars came out to help president obama. bill clinton and katie perry celebrities on hand at a los angeles fund- , expecting to add $10 to the president's reelection campaign for the event. raisedma and democrats month.llion last t made a joke about debate.luster >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i cannot always say the same. [laughter] >> his rival is on the stump, drawing huge crowds. 9000 at a town in florida. >> you have had a chance to hear his answers. later we are hearing is excuses. kristen bell poll confirms romney picked up momentum after last week's debate. obama is leading romney by just three points. romney's new strength has the obama campaign focusing on an attack plan. >> governor romney's central for $5c plan calls cut.lion tax- i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut. not telling the truth. >> romney does want to cut tax s that would reduce revenue years.rillion over 10 he said he would offset that by eliminating loopholes and deductions. has refused to say which ones, leavin
today in america. in california, disturbing video coming in to us showing a man set on fire with a molotov cocktail. you can see him running across the parking lot. the victim was standing outside a market when a fireball was thrown. police released the video in hopes of finding the attack. >>> next to denver where a life was saved on camera. a baby millayian taper needed mouth-to-snout rescue breaths. a view staff member performed the procedure after the calf was nonresponsive following its birth. officials say the newborn is doing just fine now. >>> self hundred women in texas showed their high heeled shoes are made for more than just walking. they competed for the annual tell let toe stampede. there are even a couple of guys in there who strapped on pumps to show support. the event was organized to raise money for breast cancer awareness. >>> west virginia's 33rd bridge day brute out an extreme cast of characters. over 400 base jumpers participated. two of them newly weds. >>> now here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather forecast. i can't even jump off the h
. this is a live look from los angeles as the shuttle makes its way to its new home at the california science center. and look at all the people out tonight in l.a. watching that. it's taken two days for the shuttle to make the 12-mile trip. crews had to maneuver it through the streets of los angeles as you saw there. nbc's stephanie stanton talked to excited fans who lined up to get a glimpse of the shuttle. >> reporter: thousands of excited fans lined the streets for day two of the shuttle's slow crawl through the streets of l.a. >> this is history. >> reporter: at top speeds of just 2 miles an hour, officials navigated the 170,000-pound shuttle through the city, carefully avoiding trees, street lights, and even coming within inches of some buildings. why'd you want to come see it? >> because it looks really big. and cool. >> oh my god. huge. really huge. it's amazing to see that this was in space and now it's here in our city. >> reporter: last night engineers were faced with one of their most difficult maneuvers yet, getting "endeavour" across the 405 freeway. this morning, the shuttle ma
are not backed up by deeds." today president obama will wrap up a two-day fund-raising trip in california. yesterday he spoke at a fund-raising concert with performances by john bon jovi and katy perry. and he attended a fund-raising dinner. >>> virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent wall street journal/marist poll shows tim kaine pulling ahead. david gregory moderated the debate last month. >>> today a warning that china's two leading technology firms pose a major security concern to the u.s. there's a live look at the capitol. after a year long investigation, the panel is warning the government, as well as private businesses, to avoid poway technologies and zte corporation. those companies are among the world's leading telecommunications companies. both deny posing a threat to the u.s. >>> and venezuela's president hugo chavez wips a third term in office. the electoral council announced that chavez won by a narrow margin. it ends a bitter campaign in which chavez denied u
. >> really? >> in ventura, california. these two dudes are ready to duke it out. i believe probably over some sort of good-looking doe out there somewhere. but before we get into this, i think we should probably name these guy, and i wanted to name one of them bucky. >> got it. >> so, bucky iieberhe'me walkin up, you can hear the snapping of antlers. then the hear the guy say -- >> -- he's got blood coming out of his mouth. >> fighting over a doe. how do they have enough energy to get it on? >> you're never too tired. >> never. >> ever? >> never. >> these guys go on to some road and one of these deer really starts getting tossed around here. finally, iieberheme is like -- >> wow. gets him on the ground and then the other one, presumably bucky, takes off. >> i feel bad for bucky. >> it's the law of nature. i think human men ought to go through that. >> when they do, it's in bars on friday night. >> yeah. >>> it's our "right this minute" ipad 3 giveaway alert. >> coming up a little late. today's buzzword to enter in the giveaway. >> someone's winning every weekday this week. >> when we give you
-raising trip in california. yesterday he spoke at a fund-raising concert with performances by john bon jovi, stevie wonder, and katy perry. he poked a little fun at himself and his recent debate performance. >> and everybody here is incredible professionals. they're such great friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> last night mr. obama also attended a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio. >>> virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent nbc/wall street journal/marist poll shows kaine pulling ahead of allen 49-44%. david gregory moderated their first debate last month. >>> today controversial ads will be popping up in some metro stations and on some metro buses. the ads equate muslim radicals to savages, and they'll be displayed at the georgia avenue, petworth, "u" street, takoma, and glen mont stations. the american defense initiative created the ads, and metro didn't
over the recent riots in islamic nations over a california film ridiculing the prophet mohammed. >> even though you have a right to say it, doesn't mean you have to say it. >> i believe that even though it might be going up in the d.c. area, other countries will look at the united states and be like why are you allowing your people to do this. this thing is going to cause drama. >> reporter: in court on thursday, the transit system's lawyers said that the words on the poster were what they called fighting words in the context of current events and the fine said it was investigating a promise of violence. if those posters did go up in washington, but we don't expect to have any major drama here. but it is one of those things you never know how people will react. the posters are supposed to get up here at u street. also at glenmont, georgia avenue and takoma park stations. >> hopefully, there won't be any problems. >>> new this morning, another search is set today for a missing teenage ferreira northern virginia. friends, family and volunteers will be gathering at a park in fairfa
. fremont california was in third place. traffic on the dulles access will come to a stop for two minute stretches between 9:00 t trucks 2:00 p.m. sal more sections of the e for the metrog station. be similar traffic friday. if you want to get away and stay by, check out the cox farms forat free. its this week to give away. can win four tickets to the fields ofnd four at fear tickets. winner eachunce a the 6:00week during a.m. hour of good morning washington. it is 67 degrees. >> the redskins show their for a controversial measure appearing on the nove i don't spend money ongasoline. i am probably going to the gas station abt once a month. last time i was at a g station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male annnnouncer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power andssociates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ let's check in with jummy olabanji. >> officials reporting at deaths? >> that's right. this infor
tomorrow night in sanford and cisco, california. game 7 last night against the cardinals, 2 on with the cardinals in the second inning. the giants are up 2-0. hunter finally breaks through in this series and cleared the bases. the giants go on to win in a blowout. the manager realizes he had another series to play after this one. >> i will have to learn a lot about them real thing. i was told to focus on this club here and now we have to turn this page because we are playing a couple of games here. >> game 1 of the world series tomorrow night in northern california. tom is back with a look at the seven-day forecast, after this. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equa
to stay into the eastern pacific. go from northern california to southern california today and tomorrow. it has allowed for the winds to shift. a light northerly wind warming up the bay area, southern california bringing plenty of sunshine. in fact temperatures all around the bay will be warmer than average. how about that 90 in los angeles. some freezing fog in the northern sierra with temperatures in the upper 20s. 61, but mainly 70s and 80s today. 66 half moon bay. nice and mild there with 76 in palo alto. san jose, low 80s inland east bay. 69 in monterey. we have quite an about-face with our weather. detroit low to mid 40s for the game this evening. nice day tomorrow. sea breeze cooling us off on monday. more cooling on tuesday and rain moving in by midday. then maybe an inch of rain in the north bay. quarter to half an inch and linger into first day of november on thursday. so if you like the rain that is coming, or above normal temperatures we got that, too. >> word of advice based on personal experience, clean the rain gutters out. >> lisa: did you do that. >> terry: i did it. >>
was restricted by the california dmv. >> the physician told me he was required by law to report to the state that i had had a stroke, and that meant that they would -- they may take my car keys. and that to me was like a death sentence. >> reporter: when it comes to older drivers and the dmv, requirements for driver's license renewal vary from state to state, whether it's a vision, written or driving test, there is no standard national guideline. california and five other states require physicians to report patients who may be a risk on the road. but experts say with more americans driving into their 90s, more scrutiny is needed. >> health care providers are not really knowledgeable about driving. and what are the circumstances in which somebody should not continue to drive. >> reporter: aaa is trying to avoid accidents involving senior drivers. in 2003, an 86-year-old plowed through a santa monica farmer's market killing ten. two months ago in los angeles, a 100-year-old driver hit a group of school children. >> these serve as wakeup calls, not just for older drivers, but for their families
. . >>> california's made the record books for the highest gas. the average price is $4.66, an all-time high. and calling malicious trading schemes. the washington area could be headed towards the $4 mark n. d.c., $3.89; maryland, $3.70 and what is causing the rise in prices, adam housley has a look. >> reporter: this 76 station in the western part of los angeles, the regular price, $4.99 a gallon, premium, $5.19 down the street at a different gas station, you will find the regular gas price at $5.39 and, as you might imagine, consumers are not so happy with prices this high. >> so they're jumping on us quickly and takes forever to t them back down. that is ridiculous. >> $10 in gas is not giving me a quarter of a tank if i made to put in $10 in gas. that is out of control and almost $5 a gallon. >> i ride my bike to work due to the gas prices. they have been increasing and i can't afford it. >> reporter: what is causing the higher prices? thnumber of reasons one, demand is up. two, california has a stricter standard for gas. you can't buy from surrounding states and on top of that, a number
done right now. >> california remains under a tsunami advisory, but waves in the pacific northwest have been measured in just inches. no damaging waves are expected here. we will check in with meteorologist lisa argen for the latest on the tsunami advisory in hawaii. hi, carolyn. >> the waves have come in under the three to six feet predicted. still the advisory for northern california but for hawaii we are looking at a 2.5-foot wave on the island of maui, and back home, closer to home, crescent city had 1.5 feet at 2:14 this morning and arena cove, 1 espn 3 feet at is 11:37 last night. the advisory continues for extreme northern california. closer to home we are look for calm conditions again. a little fog around half moon bay this morning. temperatures mainly in the tuesday to 60 as you head on out. once again this afternoon we will see numbers in the low 60s to the 80s. and a pleasant evening before the sun sets. we are looking at cooler weather eventually lead to go rain next week. i'll tell you how much and when to expect the change coming up later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the
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of the california air national guard's 129th rescue wing are on their way to that zone as well and providing medical aid. >>> well no delays for the giants coming home from the world series. the sfo fire department welcomed home the giants with a water cannon salute. they got off that plane with that big trophy. elizabeth cook on how thousands of fans made sure that their return to at&t park was memorable. >> as you can see behind me, they are still glowing. the fans never really stopped celebrating. in fact last night the entire civic plaza center was filled with tens of thousands of people watching the big game on the big screen. and those folks took the party to sfo and at&t park to welcome their team back home. >> reporter: now that the boys are back, the party could really start. >> i can't say that i have had more time than that today. >> reporter: they went straight home to at&t park. >> this is a special group. we're not saying good-bye. we will be here for a couple of days. >> reporter: players took turn carrying the trophy, so the fans could get a good look at the big prize. >> we've got a
coming to the bay area. i'll be back with live doppler 7-hd. >> carolyn: members of the california national guard are headed east. 88 troops took off in transport planes at moffett field. they will report to north carolina and be knriopd in there. red cross has cancelled hundred blood drives on the east coast and to help make up for the blood loss there are several blood drives taking place here this week. we'll let you know where to go on our website. >> dan: the storm is massive. as a result. thousands of flights were cancelled because of it including more than 150 at sfo. lilian kim caught up with passengers who might not make it out until the etd of the week at the earliest. >> reporter: that's right. people from the east coast have been forced to take an extended vacation. >> hotels have been busy the past couple days. a couple from boston flew in from hawaii but connecting flight was cancelled. >> we had the tsunami warnings stow i evacuation from honolulu. earliest flight is thursday but they are making the most of their stay. they plan to visit fisherman's wharf and golden
, 'un' 'unnrecedented.' filling up...becommng a source of anxiety ffr these california drivers.mos says: "they just jump them up reel again it is pretty ridiculous." (butt to)mosssays: "i just spent almost $70, and it's onll going to last me a week." the highest averagg on record in the golden staae, now abovee $4.60 a gallonntriple-a says day...and n some cases, hour- by-hour.spring says: "in a week it's gone up abbut 52 cents. that is absolutely unprecedented." in new york city....the prrce, hovering around $4.40 ccnts a gallon for regular unleaded.ii's alll pull "chhap fuel" stunts.... like this station in colorado sprrnns, partnering with a group hammering the prrsident's energy policiis: caracostass says: "prrsident took over, obama, and he doesn't like oii and he doesn't likeecoaa he wants to have windmills on our car."in cincinnati, motorists liieddup sunday afternoon for regular eighty four...some say the prices at the pump will november sixth.mos says: n - "everybody wants less on gas.. we drive a lot so yes, i do, i'm in sales so i drive a lot so it's important to me."mos s
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to its permannnt home at thee california science center in exposition park friday, october 12th 3 3map fibee map 3 &pit took 13 iinings... and hours..ut the oriolesspulled off a win gainst the yankees... ending this playoff seriessintoogame five. in the looker roomm fter the game... and thhy are ... áoutspokená about the pressure they're under. freaknng stressful its one of ttose things its win or go home 2-2.... series is now tied at tom rodders has fan reactioo to the win... along with the morning's other top stories. the o's avoided elimination and eat the yankees 2-1... aad that's enough to wake up aay fan after a long night. night..he orioles took a p-nothing lad on nntee mcloutt's home run in the fifth inning.the yankees tiid it when jeter scored in the sixth.and despite a numbee off chances... essecially by the pannees... game 4 remained the o's scored the winning run on -j hardy's double... off rookie david phelps. 2:11:38 cheers... game 5 lets it they've got one more game not sure if it'll be tillen r hammel tomorroo but they'lll get it done doneit'll be hammel taking
," neal karlinsky, abc news, san jose, california. >>> a check of weather from sam. >> we're going to begin with unusual pictures out of northern california. let's go to it. it was a tornado. there were five reported in northern california. this was in yuba county. and in some parts of california, there's never been a tornado this time of year before. that's how powerful this storm system has been moving through the aerea. this is the time for the big storms to move in. but that's an unusual statistic for northern california. to the warmer temperatures across the nation. d.c. 78 today. raleigh, at 81. memphis, about 82 degrees. nice, warm, dry. doesn't feel like october. but it will. we'll show you cooler air. >> by the way, that tuesday trivia was brought to you by walmart. amy, george, josh? >>> coming up on "gma," kennedy family drama. maternity nurses testifying in court that rfk's son twisted their arms and kicked them to the floor, trying to step them from leaving with his baby. we'll have the latest on this high-profile trial. >>> an explosive battle could be ahead for britn
department.batts is the former chief of police for oakland, california. phe deaah of a maryllnd teen hasssparkkd an investigatton into the 'monster' energy drink company. working... this tory... 3 for... several dayy.../// &to.. the... f-d-a... is now involved.paul-- we told you about this lawsuit yesterday.a 4- ear- old drinking two cans of monster energy.turns out she had a heart, the f-d-a the energy drrnk is now inkedd- to at least five other deaths. i spokeewitt the mothhr of anais fournier-- thee14- ear- old victim-- y phone yesterday.shee assed us off to hhr lawyyr. she, and he girlls ather... filed wrongful deatt lawwuut in california court last wwek. doesn'ttproperly warn rgy consumers.there is, in fact, a disclaimer on the cans.drug need to be bigger... and kidd should not be allowed to rinkk such a poweeful timulant. mike gimbel, subssance abuse educator: 4.45 ""here are hundreds that are out there that fit the same classiiication and could cause the same damage and problems to any child whoowas drinking them."wendy crossland, m
is making headlines right now. this one is in california. three people are dead and the scene spread out over two locations. brandy hit explains why so much is still a mystery. >> a man hunt is under way in southern california for the person behind a deadly shooting spree at two locations in down knee. >> we don't believe this was random. >> they say the man opened fire at united states fire protection services, a family owned business where at least two people were killed. then five minutes later and a block away, the man opened fire at this home killing a woman and wounding a 15 year old boy. >> family was targeted in both locations. >> police say the gunman spoke to them as he fired but they never knew who it was. >> there was a lady that had been i guess shot in the face, and she was sitting outside. >> neighbors say the family owned business also had security. >> to get let in, you have to knock. they actually have to see who it is before they let you. >> police are hoping evidence left behind and surveillance video will help them identify this killer. >> these people were
and needs to be protected at all costs. >> you have ads up in new york city and some on buses in california this summer. again, a judge will make a final decision tomorrow. robert muse, the plaintiff's attorney and an expert in constitutional law. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >>> the president of a fast- food chain is reaffirming his company's commitment to what he calls biblical families. listen to a part of the interview. >> families are important to our country. they important, i think, to awful us and we're concerned about being able to hang on to the heritage we have. >> he's the chick filet president and made the comment in one of the first interviews since earlier anti-gay comments ignited a firestorm of protests and counterdemonstrations. chick filet said it will continue to donate to efforts that strengthen families and enrich families and doesn't intend to support social or political agendas. >>> should parent -- children be jailed if they're missing from school, their children. wait until you hear what happened to a california man. >> a person sues after c
on sunday. >> you knew that was going to happen. >>> after former california governor arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir comes out today, schwarzenegger claims the book, which is called "total recall," will reveal many secrets about his life. he'll be in town tomorrow to promote the book. he'll be at the hamilton on 14th street northwest for a book signing. that event is sold out. >>> the man accused of assaulting lindsay lohan inside a new york city hotel room over the weekend is out of jail. the actress told police she and the 25-year-old man were fighting over cell phone photos he took. she says she took the phone, and he punched and choked her, then threw her to the ground. police arrested the man, who works on capitol hill for illinois congressman. he was charged with assault and harass many the. police then dropped those charges for a lacof evidence. >>> guns and other belongings owned by some of america's most famous gangsters are up for auction. the most sought after items are guns and holsters used by the infamous crime couple bonnie and clyde. the guns were recovered from their ca
and at one time, they contained water. >>> we're looking at live pictures now from los angeles, california. this is the space shuttle endeavour. it is on the move for one last time. the retired spacecraft has started its 12-mile trip from los angeles international airport to the california science center where it will go on display. it is being pulled through the city streets over the next two days. now, crews have had to clear hundreds of trees and close the sidewalks to make this move possible. you may remember that endeavour flew 25 times over two decades so now it is on the move for the last time. the last time. >> they cleared trees? >> i wasn't aware that they had to do all that to move this. but it is big so if they had to take it through the streets, they had to do some works. >>> in just under 20 minutes, the fight against breast cancer takes over the nation's capital. >> while we wait it out another few week to find out who will be the next president, metro is already making plans for the big swearing-in ceremony. what they have in store for a less heck tyke commute. we've got th
shooting up another 4 cents in california. they are now the highest in that state history. triple-a putting the statewide average at $4.65. california topping, hawaii, for the highest price in the nation. the rapid price hike following a power outage at a refinery in southern, california last week. it came back online friday. gas prices now expected to stablize. >>> thousands marching in the streets in cities across spain. show are angry at the government's austerity measures. the jobless rate in spain now stands at 25%. trade union leaders calling the marchs a warning to the government. they say tempers are rising and a general strike could happen next month. >>> i'm marianne rafferty. now, back be to fox news reports. for the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. >> since before he took office presidents obama has promised to boost the economy by creating millions of green jobs. taxpayers spent billions but the green economy has yet to rule. so what about the real existing economy? the one that overwhelmingly still depends on pos ill fue-- fossil fuels? >> if one decisions captures fo
nixon took office a huge oil spill in santa barbara california and ohio's river caught fire. nixon's senior environmental advisors. >> you have rivers catching fire you better be aggressive. >> weeks after earth day in 1970 nixon established the grand new environment tal protection agency. >> it is fair to say the government does a good job at cleaning things up. >> absolutely. >> he writes extensively on green regulators. >> rivers are not catching fire any more. that's a great thing. dug through public opinion in those years. even as the nation's air and water were getting cleaner and toxic waste dumps were getting cleaned up american people were increasingly worried about the convenie environment. why is that do you think? >> we went from not worrying at all in the 40z and 50s to possibly worrying too much or worrying about the wrong things. >> blame that on environmental doomsday book beginning with silent strepring by marine biologist carson. a run away seller in 1962 it envisions humans gradually destroying the world by among other things the indiscriminate use of chemicals.
in california, we have been paying less for gasoline this week. 26 cents a gallon less. the state area price, $4.14 and san francisco $4.48. stockton modesto, prices have fallen below $4 per gallon. and now the storm has caused them to stop production. >>> and the damage was caused by huricane sandy and a half a million people have lost electricity and the government is shut down and danger widespread. scott mcfarland has more on where the rain is still falling, scott? >>> it is more like an arctic wind and it got colder, temperatures are in the lower 40s but there is a windchill and we are seeing some with roads being mostly empty. it is just a wall of cars and the real story of what happened to power lines and power supplies. major trees are uprooted, they make the roads more impassable at times and the government is closed again today. the system is closed and the political campaigns are stalled too. >> we are certain this is going to be a slow moving process through a wide swath of the country and millions of people will be affected. >> there are millions who will be affected with something
specifics. >> now i'm a professor, he gave absolutely no specifics. >> reporter: in california today, president obama appealed to hispanics, dedicating the first ever national monument to a contemporary mexican-american, the late labor leader, caesar chavez. with the stakes higher than ever, the president put a spin on his own debate performance, rallying the supporters at a concert in hollywood last night. >> my understanding, it was an incredible show. and everybody here is an incredible professional, such great friends, and they just performed flawlessly night after night, and i can't always say the same. >> reporter: in today's speech, mitt romney also appeared to try to take away from the president's signature success overseas, as to the death of osama bin laden. he credited the military and professionals for that. >> here, traveling with the romney campaign, in virginia tonight, peter, thank you, and to the rest of our team, chief affairs correspondent andrea mitchell and our white house director, chuck todd, both in the washington bureau. chuck, let's begin with you, two new p
legislation where in the district would join california, nevada and florida in allowing testing of driverless cars. several council members have already been passengers in the google car. >> in may i actually rode in an autonomous vehicle through downtown d.c.. the experience was remarkable for its unremarkableness. >> reporter: sponsors of the legislation say it needs tweaking but the ing driverless experimental vehicles in d.c. will likely come to a committee vote within weeks. so the 64 zillion dollar question is when will consumers get to buy self-driving cars? well, volvo and daimler favor incremental introductions. safety feature by safety feature. google is going for the whole ball of wax but the company wouldn't offer a specific timeline for widespread consumer use. but it was clear from my interview with the head technical guy on the google project, they already think the cars on the road in california are safer than cars being driven by human drivers. laura? >> safer? i'm still -- oh. boy, i'm -- i'm surprised. >> they can peak decisions. they can make decisions in microseconds. >>
oakland california is going to be along a little bit later as well as stephanie, the head of emily's list great organization promoting pro-choice democratic women for offices everywhere, state and local and federal office. dave zirin our own sports guy will be along to talk about them giants. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> on this thursday, other headlines making news, we'll start with the giants. world series game one last night. san francisco beat the detroit tigers 8-3. thanks to pablo sandoval hitting three home runs. he becomes the only fourth player in history to ever pound three homers in a world series game along with reggie jackson babe ruth and albert pujols. >> he's in good company. that's decent company. >> bill: they have put him right in the -- they should put him right in the hall of fame. >> detroit pitcher justin verlander gave up five runs in four innings of work. game two in san francisco. baumgartner takes the mound for the giants. >> bill: i saw when the pitching coach
. the russell building is closed, the capital complex is closed. you can try to call the california congressional offices. you won't get through. scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:17. the u.s. labor department says it's working hard to be able to release the october jobs report on schedule on friday despite this government shutdown. the jobs report is watched closely as an indicator of how the economy is doing. last month, the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, the lowest level since president obama took office. friday's enemployment report would be the last one released before next tuesday's election. >>> 7:17. gas prices on the east coast may shoot up because of hurricane sandy if oil production is disrupted. >>> hundreds are jobs are being cut by paypal. the job cuts are coming from that stream lining fort. the company officials say paypal has developed a reputation as a bureaucratic workplace and they are adding that makes it harder to attract and retain the best software engineers and designers. >>> jury selection begins for a san jose elementary school pr
... prices in california../. are... draining the wallets of drivers..../adam housley... tells us... why... gas prices there... / seem... to be... oot of 3 from san francisco to san diego, edding to redondo, californians are cringing at the pump. mos says, "it's ffustrating. it really is frustrating." in many cases "frustrating" is the nicest word drivers in the golden state are using hen reacttng to gasoline prices that have spiked in thee neighborhood of fifty-twoo cents, in just the last week. mos sayss "i think the prices areeridiculous. mos sayy, "people working, they need a break. it's too high. it's way too high.""os says, says, "i try not to drive unless i really have to."mos saas, "ten dolllrs in gas doesn't even giveeme a quarter of a tank if i need to put in just ten dollars in gas, so it's eally out of contrrl. i mean its almost five buckssa gallon." the official average of california gas is around four- gallon, the highest on record, with many stations already above five-bucks for reeular unleaded. industry experts blame the incceased cost on alloo for gas imported
are not backed up by deeds." >> today president obama will wrap up his two-day fund-raising trip in california. he will announce the establishment. caesar chavez national monument. yesterday the president spoke at a fund-raising concert. he poked a little fun at himself as well and his recent debate performance. >> everybody here is incredible professional, they're such great frep friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> last night mr. obama also attended a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow he will hit the campaign trail in ohio. >>> the pressure is on for this thursday's vice presidential depate. vice president joe biden is taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare. biden has suggested he wants to address the differences between himself and his republican counterpart in the aftermath of president obama's lackluster performance and his debate with rommy. ♪ kid rock is joining republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan on the campaign trail today. the singer is attending a rally for ryan tonight in rochester, mic
"endeavour" was traveling as it made its way to the new home at the california science museum. it took "endeavour" three days to travel 12 miles. it arrived 17 hours late. the shuttle had trouble making sharp turns. and navigators had to make sure the shuttle would not clip trees or bring down light poles. 6:21. >> that's our time right now, and tom kierein has the forecast. >> the whole time his left blinker was on. >>> as we get started this morning, you're going to need an umbrella as you head out the door. no rain here now. we do have a few sprinkles out of the mountains of western maryland, parts of west virginia headed north and east. most of the morning ought to be dry. it's a bit blustery. the leaves are swirling around. we've had winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. we're in the 60s from the bay all the way to the mountains. here's your storm team 4 forecast. greater chance of showers this afternoon. high near 70. tonight as we clear out and sunny tomorrow, chilly start, afternoon highs low to mid-60s. a bit milder wednesday, thursday, friday. might get showers friday mornin
a shot of energy back in there. host: you are a native from california, now living in ohio. california is not even in the mix, the president yesterday raising money. what is it like for you? guest: as someone who studies election law, it is great to be in a state where you see presidential candidates campaigning. because of our electoral college system, most of the country nowadays, it is a small number of states that get virtually all of the attention. we are either the beneficiaries are the victims, depending on your perspective. you cannot turn on the television in ohio without seeing a campaign advertisement, including many presidential advertisements, without being hit by a motorcade. in your station, channel 10, at 5:30 in the morning there is a six minute commercial break and in those minutes six different commercial ads ran. at what point is there a law of diminishing returns? guest: if your campaign has the money, you cannot go quiet. i think he would be at a disadvantage, if they go dark. more importantly, to answer the question, the vote in ohio is today, this week. these ca
in california. in the district, the average is $3.91. virginia has the lowest average at $3.60. >> from now until monday, virginia shoppers will not have to pay tax on energy efficient appliances. the commonwealth is having a sales tax holiday which extends to heat pumps dishwashers washing machines, and other products. they have to be $2,500 or less and be energy efficient. >> metro is using the coming holiday for an extra day of track maintenance. starting tonight there will be a single tracking on the red and orange lines. that will cause 10-20 minutes of extra travel time. metro will also reduce trains to a single track on the orange line. writers should allow 15 minutes of extra travel time. >> an early taste of winter weather in the nation. this is denver colorado this morning. snow is falling in parts of the state tonight. also tonight, some people in north dakota are digging out from almost a foot of snow. >> 14 inches in parts of northern minnesota. they do not have the big slopes of there. -- out there. let me give you an idea, we are going to go from the 70's to the 40's? this is
:00 a.m. the polls opened here and in this country twice the size of california there will be a 90% voter turnout today. venezuela is the fourth largest supplier of oil to the united states. and this kun are try has the largest oil reserves in the world. how different are things here because of that? wul into a gas station in venezuela and it takes less than $3 to fill up an empty suv. oil production in venezuela has dropped 30% in the last decade, one reason for our higher gas prices. oil industry experts say president hugo chavez, who has been no friend to the united states, has failed to invest in the oil industry that he nationalized in the early 2000s. challenging chavez is 40-year-old who is energetic and some say the sexy candidate. a sign that folks here feel the vote could be close and perhaps contested, grocery stores have been mopped as if residents are preparing for a hurricane. families are stalking up fearful that over election results there could be some sort of violence. in a last-minute statement from chavez, sort of surprising since he made the united states his a
. the satellite and radar showing that this is continuing to push towards northern california. there rain is staying off store but this is tapping into trouble more sure. this is an atmosphere quarter. tapping into that atmospheric -- moisture. it is going to be quick moving but overnight. the giants parade will be in the clear but temperatures will be cool. and ahead of that storm with temperatures only in the police. cloudy, drizzle, fog toward onto futurecast, temperatures only in the 50s. -- this will be by 7:00 p.m., the rain will be over to the north bay toward heavier over santa rosa but near the golden gate it will be dry. get them out early. they will stay dry. however, 8:00 p.m. it will be pressing down to the golden gate and by 9:00 p.m., oakland, hayward, concord, rainfall self of the golden gate. and by 10:00 p.m., that is when it could be it couldsouth bay... and rain by 10:00 p.m. will be south of the golden gate. with improving conditions for thursday. a look at your extended forecast. it is picking up. and it will be coming through when stay of the evening and thursday mo
, california... and a rooney campaigns in nevada and , iowa. polls show the candidates are neck ann neck with some key swing states favoring mitt romneyy.. others president obama. 3&a new "b-b-c worlddserricc" woold got to vote in our presideetial electioo... &ppresideet obama wouud win by landsllde.the poll... which surveyed 20 thousand eople in p peeccnt favored itt romney. - country... while pakisttn wass the only ro-romney country. the death of a maryland teenager haa an eneegy drink company on the defensive.anais gessler explains... the f-d-a is now investigating a weedy crrssland, mothhr: (wttg))""t's just ommthing yyu nnver wanna go throuuh." wendy crossland is coming up on the one- year anniversary of losing her daughter, anaiss wendy crrsssand, mother: (wttg) "she was gasping for air. she waa making thesee awful noises. she had no &ppulse, but her heart was stii and her eart had stopped and started cpr."the 14- yeer- old haaerstown girl was rushed to johns hopkins hospital, but later died.tteecause of death: cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity.her mother says monste
seemed to be passing ddngerously close to trees and power lines lining its route to the california science center. thousands of people came out it.crews had takknngreat ppins l-a treets. along tte way, th morr trees had to be cut back to make way for endeevour. he shuttle reached thh science center soon after. &p((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)))- ((traffic repprter ad libs)) map 395 map 43 map bel air map 3 &p3- 3 still to come... ggogle goofs. goofssthe strange search queriee... that can lead to stories on the presidential cannidates. a memorial wwth religious government property.the prince george's county structurr that could be facing remmvaa. ((break 2)) a÷ a 40-ffoo tall ross standing n overnment contrrversy i a maryland town. joon henrehaa has more on the onflict. conflict. ffct, this 40-foot-tall ly as 3 concrete structure was built ammrican leggonas a memorial to the 49 en of prince georgg's county who died n the service of their country during worll warronee the fact that it's a cross -- tte american humanist bothers - pthis country is a iv
raising money for michael and lauren who are the stars of show. michael came all the way from california and lauren from california. she is the star of the show "glee" and so michael has an incredible job out in a law firm in california. these are great success stories and we're raising money to support people like this. >> how much are you hoping to raise today? >> we hope about 2.5 million and 25 hundred participants. we keep growing it every year. this is our third ride around the country. my sister maria did one up in boston with tom brady and we're adding one in miami, too. >> reporter: you have some pretty famous athletes. >> carl lewis leads our 5-k run, in my opinion the best olympian ever. 20-year supporter. committed big time. helps us enormously. gary hall is another great olympic athlete. a lot of great people but the stars are our buddy participants. buddies are riding 100 miles, 50 miles, walking 5-k, running, every aspect, giving speeches. michael is going to speak at the opening ceremony. >> reporter: you're speaking and participating in the athletic part, too? wench . >>
. the president will make his way from the east coast to the west coast with stops in iowa, colorado, california, and nevada. mitt romney will start the day in nevada and end the day in ohio. tracie potts with more on the final push before election day. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. we're going to see this the next couple of weeks. they're trying to hit all the battleground states, especially as we get new poll numbers showing things even tighter. for the first time in a major poll, governor romney is leading by one percentage point. in the reuters/ipsos poll, the president leads by one percentage point. so essentially they are tied heading into the final days. the president intends to make stops in eight different states over three days. governor romney, in at least three states, four different stops over the next two days. he says the debates have super charged his campaign. >> thank you, tracie. >>> the presidential debates may be more riveting than any sporting event. more than 58 million viewers watched the debate, according to nielsen. that's three times more the
. in much of the country, but mainly the northeast, mid- atlantic, upper midwest and california. >> they are active in the summer. the adult ticks are most likely to transmit to dogs. they're active october through march. >> dr. susan little and cris carpenter are veterinarians and both come pont -- belong to the parasite council, the non- where the deals can be found. >> although there will be days when ticks are not out, there will be activity, and that is when your dog is at risk. way in mostsiest effective way is to have them here-round preventative medicine. -- year-round preventative medicine. >> coming next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us. stay with us. >> tonight on the 11 news at 5:00, to put game one behind us after heartbreaking ninth inning loss. now there will gear up for game 2. we take a look at what we need to do to bounce back. one baltimore ravens is taking time out from football to team up with governor o'malley. we explain why. the baltimore festival just days away. wh
... the unveil its new i--ad mini today... at an event in califor.'s uncleer what the cost will be... but analysts predict prices couldd be anywhere between 249 tt 349- dollars.the nee gadget is expected to have a screen about one hhrd smaller than the current i-pad... which means fewer pixels and less memmry. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 43 map 395 ap 40 map 3 3 3 3still o come... getting winter ready. ready.theeimportant temperatuues the frigid - encouraging voters... toocast raven who joined mayor mer stephanie a new ad. ((break 2)) 3 baltimore's mayor teamm up with a former raven to convince voters to expand gambling.john rydell reports it's the mayor's latest aatempt to promote the benefitssoo question seven. "casino owners in west virginia are spending millions influence vvters...mayor stephanie the airwaves... witt the inn to- help...of former raaen...jonathan ogdee."yyu don't want to upset jonattan you don't."the mayor wants approve question 7---whichh
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